Harlequin Music cease trading...

Spartan Press are re-publishing the 'Take Off!' series by Chris Holmes, originally published by Harlequin Music in Cambridge.

Harlequin Music have sadly ceased trading and all six books are being re-homed with Spartan Press. The music is being re-set, and the covers and companion CDs are being re-designed.

The first books in the series to be ready in their new 'clothes' are:

Take Off with your Flute

Take Off with your Clarinet

Take Off with your Saxophone

Take Off with your Trumpet.

Take Off with your Trombone (Bass Clef).

Hot off the press is the book for Trombone (Treble Clef).

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Later in the year, Spartan will be republishing Alan Bullard's 'All Together Now' book as a set of flexible ensembles 'Spartan Press style' - in two volumes re-titled 'Get It Together' and also 'Three Blues' in versions for Sax & Piano and Clar & Piano.

See also Alan Bullard.

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