Callum McDonnell reports on his Work Experience at Spartan


My week at Spartan Press Publishing’s was an enjoyable one and that was thanks to the help of my co-workers and supervisors. The first day that I came to Spartan Press I was quiet nervous because I had never met or worked with any of these people before except for Tess and Dave my supervisor. After a couple hours I had gotten the hang of the jobs I was assigned unfortunately I could not do a lot of the jobs there as I cannot read sheet music.

I would say that me working at Spartan Press has given me some experience for later life, the experience I enjoyed the most was in the packing room quietly just packing orders to be sent away. After that week of working there I could still not believe how much storage they have, the house is humongous. The only thing that gave me a little scare on a morning was when the birds flew into the window.

A big thanks to Mr Goddard for giving me the opportunity to do my work experience at his business and another big thank you to my co-workers for making me feel welcome and showing me the ropes of the business, I hope everyone who goes there for work experience has an enjoyable time as I did .

Lots of thanks