New Webserver

Following the disastrous hardware failure in our Gloucester based web-server in November 2009, and  further  infuriating niggles in service during early December, we are pleased to say that we have fast-tracked our plans to replace Spartan's tired and badly supported old web-server and drastically improve our internet environment.

The internet service that we field is increasingly important, not just to Spartan Press, but also to our rapidly growing and increasingly influential internet client base. A new, top of the range dedicated server, sporting an incredible hardware specification and supported by a “1st class” service agreement (including a guaranteed 100% up-time promise) is being configured for us as I write this. The faster and more resilient system will incorporate, amongst other things, hardware driven "Raid 1" dynamic disc mirroring on the main hard disk, staged back-ups off site, as well as a complete 'duplicate' server (maintained by a different company again) to which the now independent secondary DNS record points as a further emergency measure. This brings Spartan’s HighlandHost into the ‘big boys’ league — more akin to  the websites of larger corporations and television channels who simply cannot risk any sort of ‘down-time’.

Apologies (again) for any inconvenience you might have experienced over the last few weeks, and I look forward to a long and happy period of reliable web-based facilities.