Spartan Press's retail shop launched

On October 1st 2004, Spartan Press launched their new music shop following two years of planning, legal setup, banking arrangements, stock purchase etc. The shop is now supported by no fewer than four websites, which have taken a year to write.

The idea for a printed music shop as part of Spartan Press, but which stocks music from ALL PUBLISHERS WORLDWIDE belongs to Jon Earnshaw, a business consultant and internet guru now living near Fort William (where there is no music shop for MILES). The man behind the programming detail is Tom Pike, who studied computer science at Bath university and is now a permanent member of the Spartan Press team.

The new shop enjoys two domain names(!)...Pat's idea was The Printed Music Shop

Mark's idea was The Highland Music Shop

So in the end we did both! These two websites, plus the original Spartan Press Distribution site are all hosted by Spartan's internet wing: Highland Host, and are designed so that you can log-in to any of them using the same email address and password.

Jon Earnshaw

Tom Pike