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Violin Playing First Book of Concert Pieces

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The Violin Playing series

There is no other tutor like it. A complete system in five books that takes the student from the very first notes to Grade Eight and beyond. Beautifully presented and printed with visual clarity that helps the student learn to read music. No distracting cartoons. Enjoyable duets for pupil and teacher. Suitable for ALL ages.

Free downloads on www.violinplaying.com.

Destined for the new TG violin syllabus (grade 1). These original compositions were first presented as violin duets in Violin Playing Book One. With small differences in the violin part, they have had expertly-written piano accompaniments added by Sally Mays. They are intended to provide performance experience for the student and hopefully, will enhance the school concert for both performer and listener.These pieces are written in varying styles so as to diversify the musical experience of the student.

See http://www.violinplaying.com


  • A Country Walk
  • Big Waves
  • Busy Fingers
  • Ice Skating Waltz
  • Little March
  • Look at me, look at you! Do these notes go up or down?
  • Morning Star
  • Sailing
  • Sleep-sleep-sleep my baby
  • The Bell Ringers
  • The Christmas Tree
  • The Water Wheel
  • Whirling Dance
  • Winter Day
Cat No. WAV006
Price £4.95
ComposersSally Mays
Robert Trory
CategoryViolin & Piano
PublisherWaveney Music Publishing Ltd
SeriesViolin Playing
ISBN 978-0-9554384-1-7
ISBN-10 0-9554384-1-1
EAN-13 9780955438417
Weight 126 grams
Published 1st January 2009
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This conscientious approach steadily builds the solid foundations required for a sound technique ... an amalgamation of the best traditions.

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