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ZOO Time

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Easy duets for similar brass instruments of equal standard. Each duet is illustrated and comes complete with technical hints from the authors.


  • Buster the Boogaloo Chimpanzee
  • Daphne the Audacious Donkey
  • George the Giraffe
  • Harry the Hippo's Marching Tunes
  • Lenny the Lion
  • Molly and Mavis the Gossiping Monkeys'
  • Olly the Not So Wise Owl
  • Pamela the Punky Python
  • Peter Parrot's Sad Lament
  • Phyllis the Extravagant Peacock
  • Sally the Gracious Swan
  • Sammy the Slithering Snake
  • Skippy the Kangaroo
  • The Catapilla March
  • The Elephants' Starlight Waltz
Cat No. SUN106
Price £6.95
ComposerAndrew Hurrell
CategoriesHorn Duet
Trumpet Duet
PublisherSunshine Music Company
Difficulty level2 - 4
Weight 92 grams
Published 14th May 1998
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