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Around The World in 80 Tunes Volume 1: A Folk Mandolin Method

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This book sets out to teach the reader how to play the mandolin, by using inspiring music from some of the great musical traditions of the world, especially arranged for the instrument. Includes CD.

Ideal for the complete beginner, there is no need for any previous musical knowledge.

Invaluable for the existing player/improver looking for fresh ideas and exciting new tunes.

By working through this unique book, the reader will gain a sound knowledge of the mandolin, plus a large and varied repertoire of traditional music from all over the world.

By drawing on the music of countries such as Venezuala, Rwanda, Holland, Trinidad, Japan and Australia, as well as the more popular traditions of Ireland and North America, this book will produce a more well-rounded mandolin player - a musician who will be inspired to look further into the exciting musical traditions of the world.

Rather than being an exhaustive guide to all traditional styles of the world, this book is a mandolin method, which uses tunes from around the world to demonstrate the various techniques required to produce a competent musician. It is the sincere hope of the author that the student will be inspired, by the music contained in this book and recording, to look more deeply into styles of particular interest.


  • Alborada de Pontecaldelas (Spain)
  • Bahcevanci (Turkey)
  • Basque Jig (Spain)
  • Beale Street Blues (U.S.A)
  • Branle (France)
  • Ceilog y Rhedyn (Wales)
  • Cronin's Hornpipe (Ireland)
  • De Dood van Pierlala (Holland)
  • Defune (Japan)
  • Flitter Dance (Isle of Man)
  • Fraggossiriano (Greece)
  • Harry Gidley's Waltz (England)
  • Hunt the Squirrel (England)
  • Idir Dehrig (Scotland)
  • Im Klom de Boon al Oppe (Holland)
  • Jai Vu Le Loup (France)
  • Jig from Galicia (Spain)
  • Joe Yates' First Set Tune (Australia)
  • Katyusha (Russia)
  • Kojo No Tsuki (Japan)
  • Korobochka (Russia)
  • Lama (Rwanda)
  • Louis' Waltz (U.S.A)
  • M'saddar ya nas a-me (Algeria)
  • Makhila (Spain)
  • Menoka Dance (India)
  • Morayi Tovorgoon (Mongolia)
  • Over the Hills and Far Away (England)
  • Pandeirada Escairon (Spain)
  • Pashto Song (Afghanistan)
  • Rada Pere (Macedonia)
  • Remanda o Refaixo (Spain)
  • Sakura-Sakura (Japan)
  • Son para Entrangar a la Novia (Mexico)
  • St. Louis Blues (U.S.A)
  • The Maid behind the Bar (Ireland)
  • The Mill Belongs to Sandy (Australia)
  • The Old Dutch Churn (Canada)
  • Tripping up the Stairs (Ireland)
  • Tune in G (Guadeloupe)
  • Tzarignaire (Russia)
  • Waltz from Levkivka (Ukraine)
  • Yan Tox (Guatamala)

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Cat No. SP963
Material Traditional
ArrangerPhilip John Berthoud
PublisherSpartan Press
ISMN 979-0-57999-963-8
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Published 21st February 2011
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