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May I? for double bass and piano

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This new publication replaces the old Latham edition (now out of print) - popular title on both ABRSM and TG double bass syllabuses (grade 7).

Dennis Leogrande writes:

I began writing the melody first, although every piece begins differently. I wanted to begin with a sound that for me is very characteristic of the bass, that being the ½ step slide from G# to A. Looking throughout the piece, you will notice other slides, ie. bars 1, 3, 5, 7, 12, 14, 16, 18, 38, 58, 114, 116, 18, 120, 123, 125 and 127. Please don't forget to notice the grace note slide in measure 100. These are the melodic motifs that give the piece its character and act as hooks (memorable ideas) for the listener to latch on to. Once I began writing the melody, it just grew organically from the original idea. I hope you feel the same organic growth. The shifting harmonic tonalities (between D major and D minor) seem to ask the question "May I?" and keep the listener involved in trying to answer the question. The jazz style keeps the "question" light hearted, a little "tongue in cheek." However, playing this piece requires attention to these details and a great deal of musicianship. It's the fine musician who understands both the music and the instrument who can make a difficult and complicated piece sound easy, light, and fun. Oh, and yes, please enjoy!

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Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music: Bowed Strings 2020 - 2023   (until Dec 2023)  

Double Bass - grade 7

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Cat No. SP930
Price £4.95
ComposerDennis Leogrande
CategoryDouble Bass & Piano
PublisherSpartan Press
Difficulty level7
ISMN 979-0-57999-930-0
EAN-13 9790579999300
Weight 70 grams
Published 22nd June 2009
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...I was pleased to introduce May I? to Trinity-Guildhall exams some years
ago and also gratified to see that the Associated Board has followed my
lead. This is an excellent piece to enthuse, encourage and enjoy.

David Heyes for AUSTA