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Songs for Claire: Troubled Times - Piano Accompaniment Only (MP3)

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Songs for Claire is intended to portray a life journey, with all the joys and trials that may be encountered. From a personal point of view, it was written in memory of my childhood best friend, Claire, who sadly died of cancer aged 10. I think most people will be able to relate to the moods of the three movements, and draw from their own life experiences in order to create the expression desired.

Troubled Times now takes us onto a road that we would prefer not to be on, everything should be quite agitated and restless. I had a strong feeling in this movement that it should show a battle of wills within; trying to stay positive (the sweeter timbral trills) and trying to fight the ever nagging negative thoughts. Performers should feel able to release fully where the score is marked 'desperately' because these are the cries of one who is struggling to keep fighting. At letter E, the pianist should play almost with anger, with strong stress to accented notes. At letter H the timbral trills stop abruptly, and this indicates that the struggle is over, if you imagine a heart monitoring machine that suddenly gives out is length monotone indicating the end of life. The rest of the movement relaxes into the peace of the final movement.


  • Flying Free
  • Living Life
  • Troubled Times
Cat No. SP826-06MD
Price £0.83 (£0.99 incl. VAT)
ComposerKeri Degg
CategoryTenor / Soprano Saxophone & Piano
PublisherSpartan Press
Published 22nd October 2013
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