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Jazzagility! Book 1 Teacher's Accompaniments (PDF)

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Jazzagility! is a brand-new and unique series, designed to develop piano students' technique using fun material. The pieces are in a variety of jazz-based styles, notably Latin, swing and rock, and, in the first two levels, are enhanced by teacher duets.

Book 1 (levels 1-3) begins with short easy pieces which focus on hand position, wrist relaxation and tone production. The material then systematically introduces such elements as use of forearm weight, independence of fingers, lateral thumb movement, support of the fourth and fifth fingers and direct pedalling.

Jazzagility! is ideally intended to be used as a complete series, but if a student prefers to begin straightaway with volume two, he or she is sure to still derive much benefit and pleasure from doing so.

Cat No. SP1424PD
Price £5.00 (£6.00 incl. VAT)
ComposerLindsey Berwin
CategoryPiano Studies
PublisherSpartan Press
Published 23rd April 2019
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