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Cantus Firmus Fantasticus!

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Flexible scoring

The opening Chorus from Bach's Cantata № 10: "Meine Seel erhebt den Herren". This arrangement requires four instrumentals and either a soprano/mezzo, or a choir singing in unison (upper voices only) or simply a fifth instrumentalist to play the simple 'Chorale' theme.

In 1989, in Oxford, a group of four bassoonist friends decided to form 'The Equal Opportunities Bassoon Quartet", and met regularly to rehearse. The wife of one of the players, Katherine Manville, often generously prepared a sumptuous meal for the quartet and this piece was written so that Katherine, a fine singer, could join in too! The piece was later performed by the fledgling 'Headington Singers' singing the vocal part in unison, accompanied "on the night" by the bassoons. The piece has since been published as 'Bach for Blonde and Bassoons' (SP112), and also, here, arranged for flexible ensemble (SP1382), therefore widening its appeal.

This set comprises a full score, a set of various instrumental parts and a single sided part for the singer or further instrumentalist. The latter is also freely downloadable from the website to allow easy (and legal) duplication for the purposes of a choir as required.

Cat No. SP1382
Price £16.95
ComposerJohann Sebastian Bach
ArrangerMark Goddard
CategoriesFlexible Wind Ensemble
Flexible Mixed Ensemble
Flexible Brass Ensemble
Flexible String Ensemble
PublisherSpartan Press
InstrumentationPart-1:fl,cl/ss Part-2:fl/ob,cl,as Part-3:cl,as,ts Part-4:bn,ts/bc,bs
ISMN 979-0-57998-382-8
EAN-13 9790579983828
Weight 272 grams
Published 14th September 2017
Availability 28 in stock
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