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Eleven MORE Escapes for Piano

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Original creations for the contemporary pianist by Rob Hall.

Eleven More Escapes for Piano both follows, and preceeds, the Eight Escapes for Piano... it 'follows' as the second book to be published, but 'preceeds' in terms of the level Grades 3-5.

The pieces are contemporary in nature adopting a wide range of stylistic colours and approaches from the playful opener Twitter Feed to the evocative closing ballad Patience. Once again there is an inherently international flavour. Visit North America in Elk Dance, the shores of Kerala, India in Shifting Sands, and the banks of the Rhein in Antje's Wood. The more abstract White Dwarf I & II contrast in their sparsity and subtle use of over-ringing harmonics.

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Twitter Feed: Birds jostling for space at a feeding frenzy, knocking each other off and flying around in circles before landing again for more crumbs.

Shifting Sands: The swirling sand formations on an Arabian Sea coast.  Evoking the spirit of a meditative raga, this piece was written after a tour of southwest India.

Elk Dance: The agile Elk deer with its two distinctive ivory tusk-like teeth can be found in the mountains of North America.  All the notes are on the white keys of the piano, sometimes referred to as the 'ivories'.

Melops: What you get if you cross a melon with a pair of flip-flops! Thanks to my seven-year-old son for the concept.

Atlantic Coast Express: Until 1964 the "ACE" ran the route between London and the coastal resorts of North Devon and Cornwall. Jump on board as it builds up steam, plunging through gullies and tunnels, emerging suddenly to dramatic vistas of cliffs, moors and sweeping bays, until it sighs to rest at its destination.

White Dwarf I: A 'white dwarf' is a star at the end of its life that gives off a very faint luminosity.  This piece can be played making full use of the pauses between each line.

Blues For Mrs Sippi: A river delta synonymous with the Blues, the mighty Mississippi lumbers its way through Memphis, Tennessee to the Gulf of Mexico.

Antje's Wood: On the banks of the Rhein in Düsseldorf a small wood was planted in 2014 after a storm uprooted hundreds of trees. The plantation, and this piece, are dedicated to a friend - a wife and mother
of two - who lost her battle with cancer too
early in life.

Stopwatch: A short but rhythmically challenging piece with decrementing time signatures.

White Dwarf II: The second of two abstract 'space' pieces explores the effect of over-ringing harmonics. This will only work on an acoustic piano!

Patience: A closing ballad with a haunting theme.

See https://youtu.be/_qbp1BTuflU


  • 01. Twitter Feed
  • 02. Shifting Sands
  • 03. Elk Dance
  • 04. Melops
  • 05. Atlantic Coast Express
  • 06. White Dwarf I
  • 07. Blues For Mrs Sippi
  • 08. Antje's Wood
  • 09. Stopwatch
  • 10. White Dwarf II
  • 11. Patience
Cat No. SP1298
Price £6.95
ComposerRob Hall
CategoryPiano Solo
PublisherSpartan Press
SeriesEscapes for Piano
Difficulty level3 - 5
ISMN 979-0-57998-298-2
EAN-13 9790579982982
Weight 110 grams
Published 13th May 2016
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