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Tubalosity for solo tuba

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Tubalosity was selected to be premiered by Kenyon Wilson at Indiana University, USA in 2014 as part of the Fifteen Minutes of Fame series. The piece is inspired by the versatility of the tuba sound - that of the funky bass and the melodic voice. The player should imagine they are playing both parts simultaneously as though the bass line is there all the way through, in the style of singer Bobby McFerrin.

Performance Notes:

Tubalosity has both a melody and a bass line - bring out the melody line in the upper notes
from bar 5.

Notes with a cross-hatch head should be a tongue-click into the mouthpiece.

In bars 8, 12, 14, 15 and 20 the upper notes should be sung at the same time as playing the
lower note. The sung notes should be in whichever octave is comfortable in the player's range.

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Cat No. SP1267
Price £2.95
ComposersKay Charlton
Domenico Scarlatti
CategoryTuba Solo
PublisherSpartan Press
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Published 5th December 2014
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