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Eye-Tunes for Zoo-Keepers

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The Eye Tunes series

The Eye-Tunes Series for piano contains newly composed piano pieces - attractive,
accessible and pitched at pianists of all ages and abilities. Within each album the pieces are arranged with musical rather than technical concerns in mind, in the hope of encouraging profitable dipping! The range of styles is wide - jazz, pop, ambient, reflective, humorous, minimalist, impressionistic. These pieces, as the title Eye-Tunes suggests, have been written to be read, while calling for a degree of spontaneity and flexibility. The titles are thought-provoking and the material intended to spark the imagination. These albums will serve particularly well as an alternative or adjunct to conventional repertoire.

Piano solos and duets, all on the white notes! Great fun and imaginative, including That Giraffe's 'avin' a Laugh, There's a Black Widow on my Banana and other gems!


  • A Fish can Whistle
  • Day of the Termites
  • Dill the Dog Wins Crufts
  • Elephant Mud Bath
  • For a Silly Hen
  • Gerbil's Great Escape
  • Hooves and Horns
  • Music to Milk Cows by
  • My Camel's got the Hump
  • My Fox Caught Chicken Pox
  • One Leg fell off my Donkey
  • Preposterous Rhinoceros
  • That Giraffe's 'avin' a Laugh
  • The Goose, the Moose and the Big Bad Snake
  • The Mousehole Rat
  • The Pelican from Heligan
  • The Slothful Sloth
  • The Woe-begone Woebegone
  • The Worm has Turned
  • There's a Black Widow on my Banana
  • Your Parakeet's got Smelly Feet
  • Your Weasel's got Measles
Cat No. SP1110
Price £9.95
ComposerMark Tanner
CategoryPiano Solo
PublisherSpartan Press
SeriesEye Tunes
ISMN 979-0-57998-110-7
EAN-13 9790579981107
Weight 160 grams
Published 17th August 2010
Availability 55 in stock


By now, we must all be familiar with Mark Tanner's brilliant and entertaining Eye-Tunes series for pianists at all stages of development. An experienced pianist, lecturer, examiner and adjudicator, Mark Tanner appears to have hit the bull's-eye in knowing just how to spark young pianists' enthusiasm and motivation. The ideas are all so witty and entertaining that the titles alone will amuse any bored pupil...students will thoroughly enjoy playing through and performing these original pieces, which always entertain audiences at concerts and festivals.

EPTA Piano Professional

Mark Tanner is a pianist, teacher, composer, examiner and adjudicator with a wealth of experience, and this has enabled him to capture the very nub of children's imaginations and sparky curiosity while practising the piano. No one has ever said that playing the piano is an easy skill, but with these entertaining pieces, students will enjoy the hard work needed to perform them...All the pieces are varied, colourful, lively and of great character and imagination...Mark Tanner is to be congratulated for offering such a broad range of new material, which is educational and so imaginatively innovative.

Nadia Lasserson, EPTA Journal

All these books show Mark Tanner in fine form with enough innovative musical ideas to give serious students a chance to let their hair down at the keyboard. Ideal for stressed teenagers during their public examination sessions, these pieces cannot fail to give everyone a chance to relax and sight-read with a smile.

Nadia Lasserson, EPTA Journal

An outstanding contribution to the repertoire for players of all
standards and ages by an exceptionally gifted composer and pianist

John McLeod, composer

An inspirational and highly motivating collection of new pieces... certain to stimulate

Atarah Ben-Tovim MBE

An exciting and enriching new series...something for everyone

Roy Stratford, Head of Piano, St Paul's School, London

Tanner has created a rich array of short character pieces providing a treasure-trove of teaching material

Frederick Stocken, composer