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a short prelude

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The Transcriptions Series series

Recital Music publish a wealth of original works for double bass alongside a popular, accessible and growing range of transcriptions for bassists of all ages and abilities. Most transcriptions published by Recital Music are by David Heyes, who has a successful and proven track record when arranging for double bass.

John Alexander writes: "This little prelude (BWV 928), originally in F major, is from the 'Clavier-Buchlein vor Wilhelm Friedemann Bach' (1720). Containing a number of works composed by J.S. Bach when his son was 9 or 10 years of age, the volume offered a broad range of compositional types used to instruct the elder Bach's children in the practical ways of music. However, notwithstanding their internally unified structures of musical logic, these pieces were far from dry educational exercises, as may be revealed in this engaging and compelling little prelude, arranged here for double bass quartet. Interestingly, J.S. Bach himself had at the age of 10, learned similar keyboard skills through his much older brother, Christoph, who in turn had derived his own practical and theoretical knowledge about music in lessons from Pachelbel, by studying a variety of compositions written by his teacher and contemporaries of that period.

In concert, the prelude presented here might well be a companion piece to 'Fuga' (in D minor) by Girolamo Frescobaldi (RM530), also arranged for double bass quartet and published by Recital Music.

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Cat No. RM706
Supplier Code RM706
Price £10.50
ComposerJohann Sebastian Bach
ArrangerJohn Alexander
CategoryDouble Bass Quartet
PublisherRecital Music
SeriesTranscriptions Series
Difficulty level6 - 8
Weight 101 grams
Published 16th May 2014
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