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Flower of the Cherry: Robin's Lullaby

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Sadie Harrison writes: "The Flower of the Cherry was written for John and Veronica Baily in celebration of the the birth of their grandson Robin on the 29th December 2014. The title refers to a line from an Afghan lullaby called 'Allah Hu', a Sufi incantation meaning 'This is God'. The song is traditionally improvised alongside a rocking cradle in the afternoon. This piece incorporates the sound of Christmas bells towards the end, celebrating not only Robin's birth but also the joyful integration of different musical cultures. "

'I say to God, may my child sleep happily and peacefully. I say to God, flower of the cherry, apple and apricot trees, the tree of my work has washed away. My child has fallen asleep.'

The printed edition will include one piano accompaniment and two solo parts - one for solo and one for orchestral tuning.

Flower of the Cherry: Robin's Lullaby was premiered by Holly Bishop (double bass) on 15 May 2015 at the Lutheran Church of St. Mark in Glastonbury (Connecticut, USA).

Sadie Harrison was born in Adelaide, Australia, moving to England in 1970 where she undertook composition studies with Nicola Lefanu gaining her Phd at Kings College, London. Sadie's music has been played internationally in venues such as the Sydney Opera House, Carnegie Hall, Royal Festival hall, Barbican and Lithuanian National Philharmonic by some of the world's leading performers. Her music has been released to critical acclaim on Sargasso, BML, Metier, NMC and Clarinet Classics and has been broadcast on BBC Radio 3 and in Eastern Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia, America, Lithuania, the Netherlands and elsewehere.

Recent projects include works for the Edinburgh Fringe, ABRSM Spectrum series, a Violin Concerto for Rusne Mataityte, and a song cycle for Paul Carey-Jones, chamber music for Fiona Cross, Duncan Honeybourne, David Heyes, the Scottish Clarinet Quartet, and Peter Sheppard Skaerved for performance in 2012. Sadie's music is published by UYMP (University of York Music Press) and Recital Music.

'...rhythm and lyricism held in perfect balance.' (Gramophone)

'...a compelling, distinctive and passionate compositional voice.' (Tempo)

'...this is distinctive, pungent music that demands close attention.' (The Guardian)

'...a fluent, thoughtfully poetic language' (The Sunday Times)

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Cat No. RM534
Supplier Code RM534
Price £6.50
ComposerSadie Harrison
CategoryDouble Bass & Piano
PublisherRecital Music
Difficulty level7 - 8
ISMN 979-0-57045-534-8
EAN-13 9790570455348
Weight 89 grams
Published 10th July 2015
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