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Chinese Galop Op.20

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Recognised as the founding father of the Viennese Waltz, and of the Strauss dynasty, Johann Strauss I was a prolific and popular composer in early 19th-century Vienna. His polkas and galops are always lively and colourful and his Chinese Galop, an early work, is typical of his descriptive and exotic style, combining strongly rhythmic dance music allied to lively and evocative melodies. Much of the melodic interest is given to Violin 1, and this edition has the flexibility to be played with double bass or cello.

Composed in 1827, the Chinese Galop recalls Mozart's 'Alla Turca' and its great energy and exoticism found favour immediately with audiences in the dance halls of Vienna. When it appeared in print in 1828 it immediately sold out. The dance music of the Strauss family and Joseph Lanner was usually published for different instrumental ensembles and the double bass was favoured rather than the cello because its lower and often rougher sound was able to project the first beat of each bar to the dancers, above the general hubub of the evening.

This edition was created for 'The Vienna Collection' by David Heyes and was always popular with audiences and players alike.

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Cat No. RM399
Supplier Code RM399
Price £7.50
ComposerJohann Strauss I
ArrangerDavid Heyes
CategoryString Quartet
PublisherRecital Music
Difficulty level5 - 6
ISMN 979-0-57045-399-3
EAN-13 9790570453993
Weight 406 grams
Published 17th November 2015
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