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This is an intriguing work from bassist-composer, Daryl Runswick, and can be performed by any number of bassists, with a minimum of two! Each bassist plays from the same score and there is scope to personalise the music in terms of expression, articulation and dynamic, with every performance being unique. Many musical soundscapes and textures will be explored within its time-frame. Not one for the traditionalists!

"This is a work in seven contrasting sections, for any number of performers. It has a large indeterminacy component in that the score is notated in note heads only, without rhythm, dynamics or phrasing. It is inteneded that players come in sequentially, like a round, but otherwise navigating their own route through the piece, so the outcome is always different! Harmonically, it is based on the notes of the harmonic series of a particular string, with timbral variations such as harmonics themselves, or glissandi.

Don't worry, you are instructed not to stay together with the other performers, so you can hardly go wrong. 'Do not plan in advance how bass'z will be interpreted' says Runswick, 'that is against the spirit of the piece'. Good. [ESTA News & Views]

Performance Level: Advanced

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Cat No. RM135
Price £8.50
ComposerDaryl Runswick
CategoriesDouble Bass Quartet
Double Bass Duet
PublisherRecital Music
Difficulty level8, Advanced
ISMN 979-0-57045-135-7
EAN-13 9790570451357
Weight 69 grams
Published 19th July 2009
Availability 6 in stock
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