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Trois Pièces Élégiaques

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The Frantisek Posta Heritage Series series

Frantisek Posta (1919-1991) was Principal Double Bass of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra for more than 40 years and was the leading Czech bassist of his generation. He was much admired and revered around the world and commissioned and transcribed many works for double bass.

This edition includes accompaniments for both solo and orchestral tuning. It is also available as a PDF file and please contact Recital Music (doublebass@tiscali.co.uk) for more details.

Trois Pièces Élégiaques is a three movement work for double bass and piano, with the addition of voice in the six bars at the end of the third movement. It was composed in memory of František Pošta (1919-1991), the revered Principal Bass of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra for over 40 years, with the commission supported by 26 double bassists from eight countries (UK, USA, Italy, Portugal, Australia, Norway, Belgium, Republic of Ireland).

Bernard Salles writes: "I didn't write a traditional sonata as I didn't feel inspired by the form, instead I composed "3 pièces élégiaques pour contrebasse et piano", and the last piece also includes a short vocal intervention at the end: a quotation from Shakespeare's "The Tempest". The three pieces can be played together, to form a kind of sonata, or each piece also works on its own.

The pieces have a nostalgic character, and are perhaps a little dark... maybe the effect of the crisis we are all going through at the moment? I hope that you like them and that it is the kind of thing you were looking for to pay homage to František Pošta."

1. Élégie is essentially a song without words with a gently moving chordal accompaniment against which the solo double bass weaves it long and sinuous melodies. In ternary form, the middle section is more animated as the double bass moves into its highest register before ending gently and slowly moving into the lowest register of both double bass and piano.

2. Litanie is only 29 bars in length with its poignant and cantabile melodic line contrasting a repetitive piano accompaniment. The accompaniment uses high and low registers allowing the double bass to inhabit it's middle solo register with music of a more chromatic nature, ending with a brief upward moving line played entirely in harmonics. Litanie is also available in an edition for double bass quartet.

3. Epilogue - 'Farewell' is both nostalgic and atmospheric. An extended piano introduction sets the mood before the double bass enters with an unsettling theme which develops into music of a more dramatic nature, initially introducing the music for the solo voice during the final six bars of the movement. The composer sets words from 'The Tempest' by William Shakespeare in music of a gentle and static nature, bringing the work to a beautifully simple and successful conclusion.

The three pieces can be performed as a suite or singly.


  • 1. Élégie
  • 2. Litanie
  • 3. Epilogue - 'Farewell'

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ComposerBernard Salles
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Published 16th November 2020
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