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Erkon Elegia

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A very well constructed brief 'serious' work, this short pieces offers effective and accessible music for the intermediate bassist, using almost a three octave range, with scope to demonstrate a range of sounds, colours and moods. Two editions included together - for solo double bass or for 2 or more bassists.

"Erkon Elegia is accessible to advanced beginning bassists with the ability to perform with confidence into the lower thumb positions." [ISB]

"Erkon Elegia is a versatile little piece that can be played as a solo, duo, trio or ensemble. In only 49 bars, and using elementary music, Hauta-aho manages to use many of his trademark compositional characteristics...it's friendly geography and varied colourscape should prove popular with beginning bassists." [Double Bassist]

ABRSM Grade 7 (2010-2019)

Performance Level: 7

See https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=165&v=aDr7fJ0Q2yk

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Cat No. RM104
Supplier Code RM104
Price £7.50
ComposerTeppo Hauta-aho
CategoriesDouble Bass Solo
Double Bass Duet
Double Bass Trio
Double Bass Ensemble
PublisherRecital Music
Difficulty level7
ISMN 979-0-57045-104-3
EAN-13 9790570451043
Weight 36 grams
Published 19th July 2009
Availability 5 in stock
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