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Mini-Bass Quartet No.2

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The Beginner Bass Series series

Recital Music publish music for every level of double bassist and in the past few years have concentrated on music for the younger player. This new and exciting series includes works with simple, accessible technical and musical challenges for beginners and progressing bassists. Piano accompaniments are supportive and written with the bass teacher in mind, creating a new repertoire which is ideal for concert and educational use.

Mini-Bass Quartet No.2 was completed on 21 October 1991 and has remained in manuscript until this edition. In one movement, it is aimed at the progressing young bass quartet and is primarily in 1st and 4th positions with a few modern sounds added for contrast and interest.

Arco, pizzicato and simple harmonics create a backdrop against which simple percussive rhythms add to the harmonic textures. The middle section encourages each player to let their hair down' with different noises, sounds and effects to demonstrate the many possibilities of the 20th-century double bass.

The mini-bass became popular during the second half of the 1980s and this quartet is both traditional and forward looking from a composer who understands the potential of the double bass, even during the first years of study. It offers effective musical and technical challenges for the bassists and is both effective and exciting in performance

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Cat No. RM1037
Supplier Code RM1037
Price £10.00
ComposerTeppo Hauta-aho
CategoryDouble Bass Quartet
PublisherRecital Music
SeriesBeginner Bass Series
Difficulty level2 - 4
Weight 132 grams
Published 23rd May 2019
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