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Vampire Dust Op.548

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P. Kellach Waddle maintains an extremely active and lauded career as a composer, soloist, ensemble musician, and conductor. He has held both section and titled positions in over a dozen festival and professional orchestras including his current position as a member of the Austin Symphony Orchestra in Texas (USA).

He has composed more than 620 works to date and has been awarded many prizes, notably an Austin Critics' Table Award for his String Quartet No.2, three nominations as possible finalist for The Pulitzer Prize, four nominations as State of Texas Musician of the Year, and four as a semi-finalist for The American Prize. Quotes about his music include: "…with all of these luxurious harmonies and melodies, [Waddle] may be the American Rachmaninoff " and "…the sheer volume of wonderfully effective music he composes…borders on the inhuman."

P. Kellach Waddle continues to emulate such composers as Paul Hindemith, now having written a major solo work, chamber music solo part, or concerto for every single standard orchestral instrument apart from timpani. He is eclectic and prolific continuing to compose for instruments which are neglected, including his extensive and growing number of pieces for contrabassoon and perhaps most notably, more than 200 solo and chamber works for his own instrument, the double bass.

After one of his many International Society of Bassists convention performances an ISB convention official stated "... [Waddle] is obviously now one of the most creatively thrilling solo bassists in the world!"

A busy guest conducting schedule has taken him to venues such as Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall in New York City and he also served as director of the Austin Philharmonic Orchestra for more than two seasons.

Vampire Dust was premiered at Templecombe Village (Somerset, UK) on Sunday 22 January 2017 by Alex Heather (double bass), David Heyes (double bass) and Jan Cowell (double bass).


  • 1. A Ravellian Vampire (Dust on a French Casket)
  • 2.The Dust on the Vampire's Madeira Bottles next to his Casket

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ComposerP Kellach Waddle
CategoryDouble Bass Trio
PublisherRecital Music
Difficulty level7 - 8, Advanced
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Published 25th January 2019
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