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Gaelic Suite

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Enthusiastically endorsed by Sir James and Lady Galway, this suite for Flute and Guitar consists of four descriptive pieces. The Lark of Connacht: Connaught is a province of the north-western Republic of Ireland. Skylarks are known as the leaders of the dawn chorus; the Larks sing as they soar into the air and sustain their song as they descend.

The Spirit of Finn Mac Cumhail: Finn Mac Cumhail ("the fair son of Cumhail") was a legendary Irish hero. He was a Chieftain and Bard and according to legend was the descendant of a druid having been raised in a forest. As such, he was renowned as being wise and sensitive to natural beauty. A man of mighty exploits, Finn was the leader of a band of warrior-poets, the name Fenian is derived from his.

The Voyage of Bran Mac Febal: Bran was summoned by Manannan, Son of Lir, to visit Emhain, the Isle of Women. His summons appeared whilst he slept as a sound of sweet music, when he awoke he had a silver branch in his hand covered with silver-white apple blossom. The next morning he set out in a fleet of curraghs. They rowed through becalmed seas and a mountainous tempest. Upon finally reaching the island Bran fell in love with one of the women who warned him that should he return to Ireland he could only look and talk to his friends but none from his party should step ashore. Having arrived at the shores of their homeland after what had only seemed a year away, they hailed strangers on the shore but nobody recognised Bran or his crew they said that no such man was now alive. This was too much for Nechtan, one of his crew, who boldly stepped ashore but his mortal years befell him and he crumbled to dust. Bran recounted his experiences to his countrymen, bade a final farewell to Ireland and was never to be seen again.

The Fayrie Spell: Some spells were believed to be used to call the fairies up and some to dismiss them from places where great treasure, help and advice could be found. There is such a spell archived in the Bodleian Library (MS. Ashmole 1406)

See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYht_mpucD0


  • The Fayrie Spell
  • The Lark of Connacht
  • The Spirit of Finn Mac Cumhail
  • The Voyage of Bran Mac Febal
Cat No. MUE109
Price £19.90
ComposerPaul Coles
CategoryFlute & Guitar
PublisherMÚzicas Editions
Difficulty level7
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Published 23rd May 2005
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