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Modern Technique of the Pedal (A Piano Pedal Study)

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Pianists have received manifold advice, in books, lectures and lessons, on ways to improve their technique. However, nearly all of this advice refers to the use of the keys; little has been written, said or taught about the use of the pedal. So little, that indeed many pianists do not even realize how they use the pedal themselves. A few rules, sometimes more harmful than helpful, are known to them; the rest is guesswork, instinct, good – or bad – luck.

We think that the way to acquire a good pedal-technique merely by guessing and experimenting is a long one. So we would like to offer some suggestions. They might help to shorten the way somewhat. Also, existing material deals mainly with the function of the pedal in holding notes which cannot be held with the fingers. Yet, we believe that the pedal is even more important as an invaluable aid and a decisive influence in the production of sound.

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