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Our Heritage Volume 3, Eb Tenor Horn

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Study Books for Brass. The Eb Tenor Horn book. There is an errata required for 'Extract 3'.
See downloadable PDF.

For years I have thought how useful it would be if a book of 'awkward bits' was available for brass band players. Here it is!
Geoffrey Brand


  • Diadem of Gold
  • Festival Music
  • Frontier
  • Main Street
  • Petite Suite de Ballet
  • Sunset Rhapsody
  • Tournament for Brass
  • Freedom
  • Sovereign Heritage
  • Carnival Romain, Le
  • Judges of the Secret Court
  • Kenilworth
  • Suite Gothique
  • Blitz
  • Diversions for Brass Band
  • Academic Festival Overture
  • Odin
  • Blackfriars
  • Carnival Overture
  • Wand of Youth Suite
  • Epic Symphony, An
  • Labour & Love
  • Rhapsody in Brass
  • Dances & Arias
  • Essay
  • Of Men and Mountains
  • Plantagenets.The
  • St Paul's Suite
  • Pageantry
  • Downland Suite, A
  • Crusaders, The
  • Lorenzo
  • Roi. D'Ys, Le
  • Sinfonietta
  • Diversions on a Bass Theme
  • English Heritage
  • Spring Song
  • Cloudcatcher Fells
  • Carnival
  • Variations on 'The Shining River'
  • Land of the Long White Cloud
  • Force of Destiny, The
  • Entertainments
  • Wheatlands
  • Hinemoa
  • Tintagel
Syllabus info
Trinity College London: Brass Syllabus 2019-2022   (until Dec 2022)  

Horn in Eb - grade 6
Horn in Eb - grade 7
Horn in Eb - grade 8
Cat No. CMT2003
Supplier Code 001029C
Price £12.95
ComposersGeorge Bailey
Eric Ball
Michael Ball
Granville Bantock
Hubert Bath
Jack Beaver
Hector Berlioz
Arthur Bliss
Léon Boëllmann
Derek Bourgeois
Johannes Brahms
Arthur Butterworth
Morley Calvert
Edric Cundell
Antonín Dvorák
Sir Edward Elgar
Percy Fletcher
Henry Geehl
Dean Goffin
Edward Gregson
Gustav Holst
Joseph Horovitz
Elgar Howarth
Herbert Howells
Paul Huber
John Ireland
Andrew Jackman
Gordon Jacob
Cyril Jenkins
Thomas Keighley
Édouard Lalo
Eric Leidzen
George Lloyd
Leighton Lucas
Richard Maldwyn-Price
John McCabe
Hamish McCunn
Helen Perkin
Edmund Rubbra
Philip Sparke
Giuseppe Verdi
Gilbert Vinter
Bram Wiggins
Philip Wilby
Gareth Wood
Denis Wright
EditorTony Cresswell
CategoryHorn In Eb Tutor
PublisherCon Moto Publications
SeriesOur Heritage
ISMN 979-0-2205-2003-7
EAN-13 9790220520037
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