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Twelve or Thirteen Preludes for Solo Piano

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These twelve preludes, for advanced pianists, are in each of the major keys.
They can be performed separately, or complete, optionally repeating the first prelude at the end to make a set of thirteen.
They explore a wide range of moods and characters, and a second set of preludes, in minor or modal keys, is planned for the future.
Duration (complete): 23 minutes.

See https://youtu.be/krIjVhqm2d0


  • Twelve or Thirteen Preludes
Cat No. CE54
Supplier Code CE54
Price £8.95
ComposerAlan Bullard
CategoryPiano Solo
PublisherColne Edition
Difficulty level8
ISMN 979-0-708068-54-9
EAN-13 9790708068549
Weight 106 grams
Published 1st February 2017
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...Within apparently conventional harmonic frameworks Bullard is miraculously but logically able to find novel and surprising chordal connections...Within a serene and neatly packaged 'classical' aesthetic Bullard shows a wide range of characterisation and mood...
Overall Bullard shows a consistent ease, awareness of pianistic 'comfort' and also a sensitivity for colour and texture. His ideas are to the point and memorable. Pianists of grade 8 level onwards will find much to enjoy here. The follow up set of minor key Preludes is eagerly awaited!

Murray McLachlan for International Piano