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Con Moto Catalogue 2020

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The you tube video shows some of the wide variety of products available from the catalogue of con moto Publications U.K.

Tony discusses some of the writers and the kind of music they produce, from the early days in 1984 to current publications in 2021.

With the musical backing taken from the demo booklet of the Jock McKenzie Collections (available free as CAT144), Jock McKenzie's 4-part titles are featured, as well as his new publication for brass instruments 'Parpetudes'

Mark Walker's new publication 'Reginald the Rock n Roll Rhino' is also featured, showing Mark performing one of his action songs from the publication.

Covers from some of the popular titles are also shown:
Dave Chapman's beginner woodwind ensemble 'Paula's Day Out'
Mike Denny's brass exercise book 'Basic Instincts'
Tony's collections of brass band extracts 'Our Heritage'

Claire Candy's promotional video also takes the viewer on a tour around the 'con moto' shelving area at Spartan Press. Thanks very much Claire.

See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTCgDX6xdWY

Cat No. CAT162
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ComposerTony Cresswell
PublisherCon Moto Publications
Weight 164 grams
Published 20th November 2020
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