Mark Haywood

Composer Information: Mark Haywood

Hello there. My name is Mark Haywood, I live in the West Midlands and I work as a training officer at a college of Further Education. Anne and Matthew, my wife and son, do a good job of putting up with by obsession with music: as they would tell you, I'm either playing the piano, practising the clarinet, composing, recording something in my small home studio or else doing jazz research. Regarding the latter, I have had some papers on jazz harmony and rhythm published by the Annual Review of Jazz Studies in the USA. As for my musical tastes, I love Bach, Thelonious Monk and trance music, and I'm trying to figure out what, if anything, they all have in common!

I also enjoy trying to write formal sonnets and silly limericks - here's one of the latter:

It's not easy to pen a good lim-
erick. People who think they are sim-
ple to write should attempt
To prune ideas unkempt
To a poetic format that slim.

maybe I should stick to the music!

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