Keri Degg

Composer Information: Keri Degg

Keri Degg  lives in Derbyshire with her husband Carl and two children, working as a woodwind teacher (Saxophone, Clarinet, and Flute) and performer. She also plays piano and EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument). Having previously taught in and around schools as part of the music service, she recently gave up this role, choosing instead to spend more time composing from which she gets great satisfaction.

She enjoys writing for a variety of instruments and groups, but tends to favour the woodwinds, being a woodwind player. She gains inspiration from a variety of sources, and enjoys writing in a variety of styles, as the mood takes her! As a teacher, she enjoys composing both fun pieces to keep the motivation fresh in instrumentalists, but also reflective pieces which bring out the more expressive performance qualities.

Keri also performs regularly as part of Equinox Saxophone Ensemble, directed by Alistair Parnell. Performances as a solo recitalist are scheduled as and when time allows.

Having studied mainly whilst bringing up a young family, she has achieved grade 8 in 4 instruments, and Diploma’s from the ABRSM in Teaching (Clarinet, Distinction) and Saxophone Performance.

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