Barbara Arens

Composer Information: Barbara Arens

Barbara Arens was born in 1960 and  is a  passionately dedicated  piano teacher. She began her studies at the Mozarteum in Salzburg at the age of 13. After a concert career performing primarily as harpsichordist and organist, she now greatly enjoys composing for her piano pupils. Her works include "One Hand Piano – 40 pieces for Left or Right", "21 Amazingly Easy Piano Pieces", "Piano Misterioso", "Piano Vivace/Piano Tranquillo", and "Piano Exotico", all published by Breitkopf & Härtel as well as "Rendezvous with Midnight – 12+1 Nocturnes for Teens" and "All Beautiful and Splendid Things – 12+1 Songs for Piano Solo on Poems by Women" published by Editions Musica Ferrum. She presently lives in a baroque house in a medieval town near Würzburg, Germany, after living in Beirut, Dallas, San Francisco, Singapore, Salzburg, London and Munich.

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