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Lola Perrin Sheet Music includes eight piano suites (with a ninth coming out October 2016) which form the core of this catalogue of piano music of over 60 individual compositions for solo piano, piano 4-hands, piano 8-hands, and 2, 4 & 6 pianos, written since 1992 by contemporary, London-based American composer Lola Perrin.

The musical style is "imaginative" with a harmonic language largely influenced by three cornerstone composers; Ravel, Steve Reich and Keith Jarrett. "Compelling", "spellbinding", "someone could have a big success with these suites" are extracts from Lola Perrin reviews (see more at Titles such as ‘Going on bird speed’,’ On the gradient road’ and ‘Music from Fragile Light Spaces’ add to the poetic feel of the collection. The suites have short introductory texts describing the origins of the compositions; watching an overnight urban street emerge into a dawn reminiscent of a Hopper painting (‘Early one Sunday Morning’), a friend’s post-surgery hallucination with his vision of a world defined by kindness (‘Theory of K’), witnessing children set free at the piano (‘Perpetual Motion’). Individual pieces range from one page miniatures to extended rhapsodies, ranging across all levels from Grade 3 upwards. These are concert works (the composer and other pianists perform them professionally) that also appeal to pedagogues. Around the Globe Piano Music Festival include three Lola Perrin compositions as part of their Compulsory Composer syllabus in their teenage and younger pianist categories.

Distributed (books and downloads) by Spartan Press ; website visitors will welcome the convenient preview panel so manuscripts can be browsed through.

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